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Coffee Chat

Every so often, I want to write something that doesn’t exactly fit into a neat category, so I decided that whenever I feel like it, I’m going to write up my thoughts and post them here. I can’t promise that they will be interesting, but I am still going to do my best to write something well thought out, and make it relative to my intended niche. Today, that is the new Harry Potter movie. I want the comments to be a place to chat and have peaceful discord.

As a lot of people have already heard, Johnny Depp will play a much larger role than he did in the first “Fantastic Beasts” movie. Because of his recent record, people are rightfully upset that he will remain a part of the franchise. Both the director, and J.K. Rowling have given their support to Depp, and given an explanation for him staying, but Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the original movies, had his say.

My Thoughts

Before, I was planning to see the remaining movies, even though I can’t pretend to be super excited. But now, I’m realizing just how substandard these movies will be.  David Yates, while not my least favorite Harry Potter director, is not the best. And frankly, Depp is a mediocre actor, with a very suspect past. The man needs to take a break from acting and work on himself. I’m annoyed with J.K. Rowling for supporting him.

Which brings me to my next point. This series as a whole is starting to feel like such a cash grab. Five movies is too many. The first one really wasn’t good enough to get even one sequel. And why are they acting like this has anything to do with Fantastic Beasts the book? The magic of the original movies just isn’t there, and everyone is trying to force it.

This is my opinion on the matter, and if you disagree, by all means reply and let me know. Just know that if comments are inappropriate, they will be deleted.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Chat

  1. I have spent too much time reading up on what all happened with Depp. And I have come to my own conclusion that the claims have been blown very out of proportion. And I find it a little ridiculous that this is the only film he is getting heat for.

    Making 5 films is pretty crazy and too many in my opionion. I was ok with just the first one being the only. But of course they will make it till they stop making money.

  2. For me, Harry Potter is a franchise I will always love so it’s a cash grab that I will happily put my cash into. 😛

    I get where you’re coming from with Johnny Depp, it’s all a little dicey to me. Johnny’s ex-wife and former lovers have all stated that he has never physically abused them, so it’s not that I don’t believe Amber, but it opens the door for her to say she’s stretching the truth. I don’t want to go there, because I want all women to be believed when it comes to reporting physical abuse. I just can’t say with 100% certainty that he has done all those things to Amber and that’s why I’m fine with having him in the movie.

  3. Currently, I think Depp, just plays the same character over and over again (all a variation of Captain Jack). Whereas he did have some decent roles (in the 90’s). Now, Disney kept getting him to do the same boring role.

    I loved the first Fantastic Beast movie and am excited for the sequel. However, I think they easily could and should recast the Depp’s character.

  4. I absolutely loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them! So I’m excited for the series to continue, I think if they have enough original storylines to continue then they should. As for Johnny Depp, I haven’t seen him in anything yet that I haven’t liked him in. But I haven’t watched all his work so there still might be some.😉 The whole abuse situation is difficult to pass judgement on because Amber took back her statement, so I’m ok with Depp playing Grindlewald.

  5. I think that Deep is just playing the same character in all movies (change clothes, and makeup…) Also, it’s been super heat up with all his private life. I don’t like him as an actor lately, but as things stand now, I can understand why people don’t want him in the movies. The only thing to do, is not going to see the movie, if we’re too bothered by him. That’s the only way to make things change…

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