Dress as Kimmy Schmidt

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One of my favorite shows is a Netflix original called The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. It’s hilarious. A Kimmy Schmidt cosplay was an easy decision, since it was simple to put together, and comfortable as well. If I could, I would get her entire wardrobe, but I settled on the outfit she wears in the first episode since it would be the most recognizable. I wore my Kimmy Schmidt cosplay at a local con in Beckley called Causecon in April of 2017. Get ready for “Kimmy Goes to Comic Con!”

You’ll need this sweater in yellow:

These jeans in Fuscia:

Kimmy’s Sweater had butterflies on it

When I made mine, I didn’t have enough time to do it, but I plan to get these to iron on:

And of course, you’ll need a Purple Jansport to complete the outfit, $10,000 in cash optional and not recommended:

There are just a few extra things that I did not link to, because I used what I had. Underneath the sweater I wore a button up collared shirt with flowers under it, and with a pink camisole underneath that. These should be easy to locate either in your closet, or at a thrift shop. Also, I searched high and low for shoes similar to what Kimmy wears, but couldn’t find anything. Any pair of brightly colored sneakers should do the trick. I hope you have fun putting together and wearing this costume!