Easy ways to Go Green at Con

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Even when you consider yourself green normally, traveling and going to a comic book convention can take a toll on the environment. Follow these steps to lighten your environmental footprint. I’ve tried to make all of these tips easy, convenient, and beneficial to you and to the Earth.

Limit packaged food and Use Reusable Containers

Save money at cons

Have some power bars on had, but keep some snacks with you that do not have packaging, such as clementines and other fruits and vegetables. ┬áIt’s important to stay hydrated, so refill your water bottle as often as possible. Know where the water fountains are.


Save the Battery on Your Phone

In order to limit how often you need to charge your phone, put it on energy saver mode. Also make sure that your wireless and data is turned off. Wait until you get back to the hotel to upload your photos.

When you eat out, stick to appetizers

Going to con, you most likely will eat out for every meal. If you go to a sit down restaurant, instead of ordering an entree, order off of the appetizer menu. This way, there will be no leftovers to take back, and no need for a Styrofoam box.

Don’t take all of the promotional materials

If there is a booth selling stuff you like, make sure to write down the websites and contact information. You can also ask for permission to photograph their free business and postcards so that you have all of the information saved in your phone. Only take free materials from booths that you are genuinely interested in and think that you will use.

Carpool to Save on Gas and Be Green

If you drive to the event, gas will get expensive. Carpool with friends who are also going and split the cost. Make sure your car is properly maintained ahead of time so it is its most fuel efficient. If you can, it might be best to rent a car that gets better mileage.

While there is a lot going on at conventions, there are many chances for you to go green. Hopefully, they can make the experience better for you too.

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