Where to Get Upcycling Supplies

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One of the low cost hobbies I suggested in this post is upcycling, reusing trash to make something beautiful. So you want to do that awesome upcycling craft you saw on Pinterest, or you need a group activity and the one you want uses toilet paper rolls. You are feeling impatient about doing it, but you just don’t make that much trash. What should you do?

Crafts, recycling, upcycling, trash, reuse

Ask friends, neighbors, and parents

Maybe you don’t drink wine, but you know someone who does. If you need a class project, each student could bring in a few items. Ask around and see what you can find.


Check with your work

Crafts, recycling, upcycling, trash, reuse

If you work at a place with lots of people, there will probably be more trash than you can find at home. When I worked in childcare, we went through water and soda bottles pretty quickly, and I liked to save them to make sensory bottles with the kids. Be smart if you take this route. Check with your supervisor to see if it is ok, and don’t use this method if you plan to sell the finished product.

Save up Upcycling supplies

So you might not be able to do the craft right away, but if you are patient and you save your trash, you can still make that awesome craft. Also consider going through trash you already have. I found a whole bunch of pop tabs by gathering my roommates’ soda cans that had already been tossed.

Crafts, recycling, upcycling, trash, reuse

Dumpster dive

This wouldn’t be my first choice, unless it is my own trash, but it can  be useful. Be smart about this method. It is best if you ask people if it is ok, and check local laws. Avoid dumpster diving at businesses, since they are pretty strict and probably have security cameras.

Buy it

This may sound weird, but people sell supplies like TP rolls, pop tabs, and wine corks on sites like eBay and Etsy. It usually is not very expensive, and it can be a useful way to get supplies quickly. You will have to buy in lots, for example, 500 pop tabs or 25 tp rolls,  so it is best if you need a lot.

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Do you have a favorite upcycling craft? How do you get supplies? If this post was helpful, then be sure to share it with your friends!