Make One Delicious Fruit Salad

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My husband and I are working to have a healthier diet. Last night, we had omelets, whole wheat toast, and a fruit salad. I really like making fruit salad to go with dinner. I decided to step up my game. Here’s how you can improve your healthy dish. Now, fruit salad isn’t usually considered a game changer, or very exciting. Here are some tips so you look forward to eating it.

Use What You Have

Save some money and reduce waste by checking your fridge and freezer to see what fruits you have on hand. Cut them up and throw them in. I don’t think you need more than three fruits. Of course, berries work great too. If you can, focus on using fruits that are different colors. Better looking dishes are more appealing to eat. I used black berries, bananas, and grapes. I really like using Halos too.

Add Some Lemon Juice

I had heard that lemon juice can keep apples from going brown until it evaporates. I sprinkle some lemon juice on top before I mix up the salad to prevent browning, and to add a little bit of a different taste. This way, you can keep the leftovers for a healthy breakfast the next morning, and perhaps lunch or dinner.

Include Nuts or Seeds in Your Fruit Salad

I had sliced almonds on hand, so that is what I used. Nuts and seeds tend to have healthy fats and protein, making them a healthy addition to your fruit salad. Adding in something crunchy makes the fruit salad a bit more exciting by adding more than one texture. Some people do not like chewing soft foods as much. You can also include crunchy fruits like apples. Also, to add different textures, experiment with adding green leaves like mint or raw spinach.

Make a delicious fruit salad that steals the show. Leftovers can make a healthy breakfast.

Is fruit salad a staple on your dinner table? Comment with your favorite ingredients. Share this article so your friends can get some tips too.

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