My Motivation is Gone, How Can I Get it Back?

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For the last couple of weeks, I feel like I haven’t been able to get any writing done. The worst part is, I have ideas and I want to write, but the motivation just isn’t there. I feel like there is a block between my brain and hands, keeping the words from getting onto the computer. With that in mind, I decided to write this post as a way to get out of my slump. I hope these ideas help someone else getting back into the swing of things.

Motivation, productivity

Brainstorm and Be Creative

So you don’t want to write, but you can always brainstorm. Come up with title ideas, or look for possible pictures. If you write fiction, try drawing pictures of what you think your characters might look like. Even if I do not feel like writing, if I do something else creative, it makes me feel more inspired and I can find the motivation to get my thoughts into words.

Research Your topic and Motivation

Watch informational videos or read books and blog posts about the topic you are writing about. Take notes while you’re doing it. If you have trouble researching, then just read. Read anything, like novels. You could also consider listening to audio books. This can help get the juices flowing. Sometimes, it is helpful to read articles about getting motivated and tips from the experts.

Network and Market

Even though I haven’t been writing a lot lately, I have been working at growing my blog. I pin my past posts and share them on Facebook. I have also been active on a lot of different Facebook networking groups. I have also been trying to use this time to improve the photos on my blog, and edit past posts to make them more SEO friendly.

Just Start Writing

The truth of the matter is, the situation may never be perfect, and you may never feel as motivated as you think you should. In this case, I have found the best thing to do is to sit down, turn on my computer or get a pencil and write what comes to mind. If I have an idea, it makes it easier, but sometimes I don’t even have that. So I just write the first thing that comes to mind and go from there.

Productivity, motivation