How to Save on Milk

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Milk doesn’t have have a lot of coupons available for it. If you drink a lot of it, this can be a problem. There are was to save money.

Save money budget milk

Use Rebate Apps

Ibotta and Checkout 51 both have offers available for any brands on certain items. These items may also include eggs, produce, and others. They are worth looking out for.

Buy Store Brand or a Cheaper Store

Since there aren’t coupons available, this is one of the best items to purchase the store brand. The quality and taste is very comparable to name brands. ¬†Walmart, Aldis, and similar stores often have items at a lower price. Just make sure not to get any impulse items, as stores like these use those to increase profits.

Try New Brands of Milk

One last option is to look out for different brands that may have coupons available for them. Often, organic brands like Horizon have coupons available on their website. You could also try different options like almond or soy milk. These tend to last longer in the fridge than cow’s milk.

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