What You Need to Know for Attending a Local Convention

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As conventions become more and more popular, the chances get better that there is a local convention in your area. I have been to several local cons, and there are some things you should remember when you attend.

 Follow the rules of the convention and Be kind

Most of these Cons are family friendly, so read the rules ahead of time and adhere to them. If you aren’t sure about something, ask. Many of these are low budget, and often benefit charities, so they are ran mostly by volunteers. Stay relaxed and have fun.

You may not have a hotel

I have never traveled far for a con, so I don’t really know much about staying in a hotel while you are there. But there are definitely benefits. At a local con, you most likely will have to drive at least some distance, so keep what you need with you and plan the day ahead. You may decide to skip some of the earliest and latest events depending on how far you have to get home.

If you volunteer, commit

You may decide that you would like to help since you are close by, but before you sign up, make sure you are willing to commit to your obligations. Some cons may require a lot of time, and you might not be able to see some of the events you planned on. If you can do it, great, but if not, you may have more fun just attending.

I attended a convention in my area called Causacon. This is the costume I wore when I attended.

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