When Your Grocery Stockpile is Too Big

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Do you tend to have a stockpile of items that you don’t need taking up valuable space? What can you do about this?

What’s in My Stockpile?

I used to live with a lot of other people, and we didn’t really cooperate when it came to shopping. This meant that there usually ends up being more of what we don’t need, and less of what we do. For example, I almost always had at least seven jars of open peanut butter. I do not eat peanut butter, and neither did about half the people in my house. Finding creative ways to use it allowed me to chip away slowly at the stockpile. One thing I did was make peanut butter cookies. Other options were fudge or a peanut noodles dish of some kind.

Another thing we had way too much of is noodles. There were some sales at a few grocery stores, and my roommate went a little overboard. Now, I like noodles, but I can only eat so much of the same food before it starts to drive me crazy. I realize noodles don’t go bad quickly or anything, but one of the reasons I don’t stock pile is because I don’t have the space for it. And those boxes of noodles take up precious space.

Finally, I had my own personal stockpile of MiO. I got hooked when I was able to combine a coupon with a future savings offer, and during that time, I bought a ton. Since then I’ve bought more, because I like to vary the flavors, and there were a few coupons for them, sometimes where you had to buy two.

What can you do about this?

There are multiple solutions to a problem like this, and I’m working on all of them. The first one is to be creative. For example, a few days ago I wanted to make lasagna, but instead of buying lasagna noodles, I layered the sauce, meat, and cheese with noodles that we already had cooked. Another important thing is to coordinate your shopping. I have started to do a lot more of the shopping at my house, and now that we eat together more often, that means less groceries. We also try to use what we have instead of buying something else.

Do you ever go to the store to buy something, and get home to find out you already had it? I used to do this with lemon juice all the time. Before you shop, write down a list of everything you will need. Then go through your cupboards and fridge to take stock of what you have.  Take the list with you when you shop.

Prevention is Key

Also, I am doing more to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Even if I find a good deal on something, I hold back, knowing that I already have food at my house, and will in no way starve. Deals come and go, and this won’t be my only chance to buy something that I really like. I also think about things before I buy and decide if its something I really want or need, or will be using soon. Things have admittedly gotten easier since I no longer live in a communal setting, but I do have some bad habits.

Are there any foods in your house that just seem to pile up? If this post was useful to you, then share the knowledge and pin it!

5 thoughts on “When Your Grocery Stockpile is Too Big

  1. I can honestly say, I’m not a stockpiler. I shop every few days for ingredients that I need those few days. I stay away from coupons unless it is for products I actually buy. Nice article!

  2. Yep, this is me, lol! Sometimes I manage to go a whole week or two without buying any more protein or carbohydrate sources (except fresh fruit & veg) because I realise I’ve got so much in stock. It can be fun to get creative with what’s in the cupboards and freezer and feel the relief in your bank account for a couple of weeks!

    1. Yep, when I realize I can make a whole meal without buying anything it feels like a victory. Getting creative and using Pinterest are fun ways to use what you have.

  3. I’m a total stockpiler. My issue is that I live in Canada now and there are quite a few things that are cheaper or more delicious in the states so when we drive down to visit family or friends, we stock up on those things. So then months later when I go into my pantry I find peanut butter that’s separating (and it’s not Adam’s…) and refried beans doing the same thing. My solution? Now that I know which items don’t like sitting for so long, I plan meals before I go down and stock up on the things I am pretty sure I’ll use before we make another trip south. And I keep my peanut butter jars upside down until I bring them out to use.

  4. Isn’t it great though when you can use stuff up and save on shopping! Now we meal plan I don’t have a great stock cupboard which means I can’t let it slip much anymore…

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